Hotel Del Luna (2019)


Hotel Del Luna (2019)

Where to Watch: Netflix

Number of Episodes: 16

Netflix Summary:

Starring: Lee Ji-eun, Yeo Jin-goo, Shin Jung-keun

Creators: Oh Choong-hwan, Hong Jung-eun, Hong Mi-ran

KDramaCritic Rating: Watch

KDramaCritic Short Review:

Hotel Del Luna (2019) crafts a surprisingly emotional narrative.  The show's premise necessitates discussions about life and death and handles those dialogues well.  I cried multiple times throughout the series.

The viewer grows very attached to the characters, especially because the writers and actors do an excellent job and fleshing out their stories.  Again, lots of tears but some were happy tears.

If there were holes in the fantasy logic, thankfully they were not glaring ones.  Overall, the suspension of disbelief was easily maintained for the entire course of the story. 

While I did enjoy Hotel Del Luna (2019), I would rather not cry every time I watch it.  So I have labeled the show "Watch" instead of "Favorite."


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