Exracurricular (2020)


Extracurricular (2020)

Where to Watch: Netflix

Number of Episodes: 10

Netflix Summary:

Starring: Kim Dong-hee, Jung Da-bin, Park Ju-hyun

Creators: Gin Han-sai, Kim Jin-min

KDramaCritic Rating: Skip

KDramaCritic Short Review: 

I will be honest; I stopped watching Extracurricular (2020) after about four episodes.  There were several reasons why I stopped and why I rate this "Skip."

***Minor Spoilers *** (But the show isn't worth watching so it doesn't matter as much!)

First, the hermit crab died from being stepped on.  It was to emphasize how little one character cared about another's stuff, but the death was a large part of the episode and later episodes.  Other aspects of the plot had already showed how terrible this character was, so it was unnecessary.

Second, Extracurricular (2020) took itself extremely seriously.  Every moment was tense and dark, every scene filled with near misses and chance happenings.  The sheer number of coincidences and near escapes in the first few episodes that I watched made suspension of disbelief crumble.

Third, the entire plot revolves around the main character's side job.  He runs a security service for "compensated dating" workers (prostitutes).  He helps them coordinate remotely to track blacklisted clients and gives them a way to call for help if something goes wrong.  Considering the workers were able to drop him as a security provider without repercussions (something that would not be possible if he were their pimp), his job does seem to be solely coordination and security.  However, the show and the characters try their best to cast him as a pimp and most of the plot revolves around this assumption.

Fourth, the secondary main character discovering the side business, ruining it and then trying to help him rebuild it falls flat.

The show could be described in the follow sentence:

"Bored, rich girl ruins poor boy's side business as a power trip."

KDrama Critic rating is "Skip." 








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