10 Products From KDramas That You Can Buy On Amazon (2023)

10 Products From KDramas That You Can Buy From Amazon (2023)

The product placement in KDramas is not always subtle (think the Subway placement in Touch Your Heart).  However, some of the products do look fun (see espresso machine from Green Mothers' Club below).  Who wouldn't want some of the glamorous things the characters have?

I did some searching on Amazon and found 10 products that I have seen in KDramas!

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1. The Nespresso Machine seen in Green Mothers' Club

Byeon Chun-hui offers Lee Eun-pyo espresso in branded glass mugs during a tense conversation in Green Mothers' Club.  Pricey, but Byeon Chun-hui is good at keeping up appearances!

 2. Green Embellished Pumps from The Glory

Park Yeon-jin and Moon Dong-eun both wear green embellished pumps in The Glory.  While the exact pair is probably worth more than the average person will make in a lifetime, this pair is a close tribute!

3. Gold Under Eye Patches from Business Proposal

Shin Ha-ri uses gold under eye patches in a rush to get ready when Cha Sung-hoon arrives outside her home.

 4. A Makeup Headband from Touch Your Heart (and basically every other drama)

Oh Jin-shim wears a similar makeup headband (without the bow) in Touch Your Heart.  Any scene with a female character washing their face or completing their skincare routine has a similar headband.

5. Face Balm Stick from Our Blues, Business Proposal and Extraordinary Attorney Woo

Go Mi Ran applies the moisturizer to Jeong Eun-hee's face and neck while telling her to take care of her skin in Our Blues.  Jin Young-seo uses the balm stick in a scene from Business Proposal.  Choi Su-yeon applies a similar balm stick after a long work day before seeing a romantic interest.  Apparently, face balm is a popular product among KDrama characters!

6. A Kimchi Cookbook since every KDrama includes the delicious food staple

Ko Moon-young comments that Moon Gang-tae is so cheap that he didn't even buy kimchi for their convenience store lunch.  She was justifiably horrified.

 7. Sheet Face Masks from Stranger and Touch Your Heart

Han Yeo-jin convinces her guest to use a sheet mask along with her in Stranger.  Oh Jin-shim uses a sheet mask to prepare for a big day in Touch Your Heart.

8. The Heart Sticky Notes from Touch Your Heart

Oh Jin-shim starts using heart sticky notes as part of her colorful office supplies.  Kwon Jung-rok receives many office notes on pink hearts and finds them around his office.

9. The Red Ginseng Packets from Touch Your Heart and Because This Is My First Life

Oh Jin-shim has Kwon Jung-rok take a red ginseng packet in Touch Your Heart.  Yoon Ji-ho has to write in a red ginseng packet product placement into her script in Because This Is My First Life.  Offering the supplement is a frequent way KDrama characters show that they care about the wellbeing of a friend or love interest.

10. Fuzzy Slippers from Touch Your Heart and others

Oh Jin-shim wears cute cross band fluffy slippers in Touch Your Heart.  Every female KDrama lead has a pair of super fluffy slippers to wear inside their home.  It's a household staple!

I hope you enjoyed window shopping some of the products from KDramas!


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